Nature*4*Science, Inc. was founded in Jan 2001, & and incorporated in May 2002 as a distributor and a manufacturing partner of New-Gar® garlic, the #1 leading nutraceutical and pharmaceutical garlic in the industry. New-Gar®, the highly trusted nutraceutical Garlic, is produced from a proprietary variety of mature premium grade garlic bulbs, Allium sativum L., specially grown in three regions of China.New-Gar® nutraceutical Garlic contains certified levels of the active medicinal markers: Allicin Yield, Alliin, Thiosulfinates, Gamma-Glutamyl Cysteines, and Total Sulfur. Allicin level is guaranteed for the two year shelf life.

In addition to the New-Gar® nutraceutical Garlic, Nature*4*Science, Inc. carries a line of unique nutraceutical ingredients including the new addition: Zaffronel®, the 2% safranal saffron Extract.

Nature4Science, Inc. philosophy is to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices and a superior service. To accomplish that mission, Nature4Science, Inc has partnered with the growers & the manufacturers. All Nature4Science products are planted, grown, harvested, & processed based on discussed & agreed upon specifications set by N4S technical & management departments. All products are tested in-house based on USP/NF updated methods & recorded on the Certificate of Analysis. Test results are verified & certified periodically by accredited U.S. Laboratories to keep the testing equipments calibrated.

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