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New-Gar ®, Neutraceutical Garlic

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Product description, Nomenclature & Summary:

New-Gar® Garlic is produced from a proprietary variety of mature, premium grade garlic bulbs, Allium sativum L., that are specially grown in three regions of China. Fresh bulbs are separated into individual cloves, hand trimmed, hand peeled (assuring a low micro & low specks), washed and dehydrated at a low heat to preserve key active markers (a quick/cool/dry process). One of the key markers is Alliin. Alliin has no smell, taste, or medicinal value. Alliin is then activated with the enzyme Allinase when garlic is cut or crushed forming a powerful & pungent sulfur compound called Allicin. With the special and proprietary process, the formation of allicin is delayed in the New-Gar® until taken orally & digested. A further delay can happen if garlic tablets are enteric-coated for maximum benefits & dissolution in the intestines bypassing the gastric acid of the stomach.

Allicin varies from 2,000ppm-10,000ppm based on crop quality. No additives or preservatives are added to the New-Gar® powder (the purest form of garlic).

Ratio of fresh garlic to powder is 3-5 kg/fresh to 1 kg/powder. Wet to dry ratio depends on the moisture of the crop. False marketing at times claim high concentration of wet to dry. The latter is impossible to prove and used as a marketing tool to higher prices.

Manufacturing Expertise:

Raw material quality control and low heat dehydration along with a proprietary method to assure that key markers & nutrients are preserved.

Quality Consistency:

Certificate of Analysis is issued for every lot verifying the Allicin potency


The crop is harvested twice per year (early & late) both phases within 2 months: June/July. Once the crop is processed (washed, peeled, cut, and dried), pellets of garlic are kept in a refrigerated warehouse & further processed (steamed & milled) to sales projection. Therefore fresh crop is available all year around.

Quality Control:

The manufacturer of New-Gar® meets all Public Health Standards and produce in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices in manufacturing, packaging, or holding human food (21 CFR 110). Plant tours and audits are welcome.

Ingredients Declaration:

100% pure garlic. No chemicals or additives, Non-GMO, no ETO treatment, and /or irradiation.

Microbiological Profile:

(USP Standard)TPC (cfu/g): <100,000 cfu/g . Lower TPC is available

Agricultural Pesticides:

Conforms with FDA and Health limits/regulations

Heavy Metals: Meets US. FDA & California limits:


Shelf life:

2-3 years depending on the level of Allicin at production time